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Yeast Free Bread with Cheese and Thyme

Yeast Free Bread with Cheese and Thyme

This was my first time making this bread. I must say I am EXTREMELY impressed!

I always like to make my hubby a flashy breaky on a Sunday morning as its the only day he gets off. This past Sunday I went to make him a big Air Fried breaky and realised we ran out of bread. Instead of waiting till 11 for the shops to open I decided to just make my own. I couldn’t believe how quick and easy this was to make! Lets just say hubby was impressed! He even liked it more than the normal everyday bread we get from the baker. I think it was the cheesy flavour and his absolute favourite herb is Thyme. He has it on everything!

I cooked this loaf in my 5.5l Kitchen Chef and I’m lucky enough to have found a bread tin with a sliding lid that fits perfectly in the base of the Air Fryer (with the basket taken out). When the Kitchen Chef first came out I managed to grab an extra accessories pack so I could unscrew one of the drawer handles. Works a treat and I don’t burn myself anymore!

This loaf is perfect warm with just butter but if you’re anything like us we have all the extras. I ended up Air Frying some shortcut bacon &┬áhomemade mexi beans (eggs were done on the stove as I ran out of room).

Yeast Free Bread with Cheese and Thyme

December 4, 2017
: 4-5
: Easy


  • 2 cups Self Raising Flour
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 cup Cheese
  • 3/4 cup Water
  • 2 tablespoons Fresh Thyme
  • 1/4 teaspoon Salt
  • 2 tablespoons Olive Oil
  • Poppy Seeds for top
Mix all the ingredients (apart from the Poppy Seeds) in a bowl until all combined
Pour into a greased bread tin or dish that fits your particular Air Fryer (anything that’s oven proof)
Cover with the lid or a piece of aluminium foil
Cook on 180 degrees for 30 minutes, remove lid and bake for another 10 minutes
*Depending on your machine the time may vary


You don’t have to use Cheese and Thyme. There are many combos that work well.

  • Garlic and Herb
  • Sundried Tomato and Olive
  • Cheese and Pesto
  • Caramelised Onion

The list is endless. If you have any nice suggestions would love to hear what they are below in the comments!